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Oxford College of Business produces 3 World Prize winners for ABE (UK)

If producing one world prize winner for each ABE examination held for the past 11 years is a baffling situation, producing 3 world prize winners in one examination for ABE (UK) is by far an achievement which no other higher educational provider other than Oxford College of Business can boast about. In the recently concluded ABE (UK) Examinations Oxford College of Business has produced 3 World Prize Winners. Mr. Muhammad Siraj Hanes bagged the prize Economics for Business (ABE Level 5), Mrs. Bethmage Dilsha Nuwanthi Perera (ABE Level 5) received the world prize for the subject Business Environment and Ms. Sonia Arif (ABE Level 6) won the world prize for Corporate Strategy and Planning, taking the total count of World Prize winners produced by Oxford College of Business to a staggering 15 in total since the inception of the college in 2003.

Oxford College of Business produces 3 World Prize winners for ABE (UK)1 Oxford College of Business produces 3 World Prize winners for ABE (UK)2 Oxford College of Business produces 3 World Prize winners for ABE (UK)3 Oxford College of Business produces 3 World Prize winners for ABE (UK)4

This achievement by the students of Oxford College of Business not only confirms the proven success of the Oxford College of Business’s initiatives, but the culture of sustainability ingrained in its mission of producing corporate leaders at every level of business. Furthermore this achievement highlights OCB’s commitment and dedication to providing quality higher education. “At Oxford College of Business, we educate the leaders of tomorrow to think strategically” says CEO of OCB. “This achievement recognises our innovative style of teaching and ongoing efforts, and sets high standards for other higher education providers offering ABE in Sri Lanka to achieve. While Oxford College of Business salute all its academics and industry experts who share their knowledge with all its students following ABE, a special token of appreciation needs to given to the three subject facilitators Mr. Ramesh Kumareason, Mr. Palitha Perera and Mr. Sampath Thirimawithana who became the corner stone in these students lives which helped them achieving these milestones. It’s not often that we encounter academic staff that is so passionate, knowledgeable, and in sync with the mission of the organization,” says the Head of Academic at Oxford College of Business, “We applaud OCB’s efforts driven towards embedding a culture of learning amongst all of its stakeholders, including faculty, staff, and the entire student body.”
The ABE Qualification
Association of Business Executives (ABE) is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most prestigious professional qualifications. It is considered a heavyweight among other professional programmes offered in the country due to its rigorous application and evaluation process. Students who complete ABE Level 6 Diploma are granted direct entry into the final year of their bachelor’s degree. The qualification of a student completing ABE level 6 is equivalent to 2 academic years of an undergraduate study at a university and equivalent to 240 credit points and accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (OfQual).
The secret to success
At Oxford College of Business all classes are geared towards professionals and held on the weekends. The secret for producing the largest number of World Prize winners for ABE is not rocket science according to the Managing Director of Oxford College of Business. “At OCB each student is given individual attention and classes are broken down into smaller numbers so that we can give each student a personalized and high quality service. Once each module is taught and completed by the lecture, OCB has a separate number of 15 hours dedicated for the answering and discussion of past papers. This is unique style of teaching practiced only at Oxford College of Business. This is why Oxford College of Business has become the automatic choice for ABE in Sri Lanka.”
ABE is the fastest route to a bachelors, MBA or a
Students joining OCB to complete their ABE qualifications are given an automatic progression route. Students who complete the ABE Advance Diploma Level 6 are now able to progress to the final year of their degree. OCB now gives all ABE Advance Diploma holders the opportunity to top-up their ABE qualification with a BBA or enter into the MBA if the student posses sufficient managerial work experience.
Another reason why an ABE qualification is truly important to your career is because it enables you to negotiate a higher pay rate. When you sit down to discuss salary, explain to your boss the level of schooling you have had and how you have been certified as a professional in your field. This can be a big selling point in securing that raise or in getting a promotion in your current position.
The ABE qualification is a way of establishing yourself as a professional in your field, who has extensive knowledge. Having the ABE qualification can mean the difference between landing a great job with great pay and continuously losing out on jobs to people who are far more qualified. It can never hurt to get more education and the ABE (UK) qualification will truly pay off for your career!
While Oxford College of Business takes great pride in announcing the 3 world prize winners it produced in the most recently concluded examinations. These students were each felicitated with scholarships and memorabilia at Oxford College of Business on the 24th of April 2014. The Country Manager for ABE in Sri Lanka Mr. Ruminda Ranasinghe was also present at this occasion. For more information call 0114718711/12 or visit www.ocbsrilanka.com