Corporate Social Responsibility - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka


All children have the right to education. Education is essential because children are our future. As one of the pioneer higher education providers in Sri Lanka, we must ensure that our behaviour and actions are responsible towards our future generations and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment. We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, and we are always inspired by supporting under privileged children and their education.


The prerogative is based on an insight that the lack of electricity and facilities in these areas forces under privileged children to either study under unbearably harsh conditions or simply give up altogether. The sole purpose is to give them the benefit of light to study and enrich their lives, by providing solar-powered lighting to homes.

Our CSR Projects
  • Donation of IT Labs to schools in Kurunegala

    Amidst challenging times in the country, Oxford College of Business together with its Alumni (OCB Alumni) continued to drive its CSR initiatives by donating two fully-fledged IT laboratories to 2 schools in the Kurunagala District

  • Donation of an IT Lab to Badulla, Bogoda Maha Vidyalaya

    Oxford College of Business together with its Alumni (OCB Alumni) donated a fully-fledged IT laboratory to Badulla, Bogoda Maha Vidyalaya, located in Jangulla, Haliella.

  • Donation of an IT Lab to Bogoda Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya, Badulla

    Oxford College of Business together with its Alumni (OCB Alumni) donated a fully-fledged IT laboratory to Bogoda Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya, Badulla.

  • Construction of a house to an underprivileged family

    Oxford College of Business together with World Vision Lanka, were able to handover a house to a family who was in need of a proper house.

  • Donation of an IT Laboratory to PU/Wijayapura Kanishta Vidyalaya

    10 computers to the students of PU/Wijayapura Kanishta Vidyalaya, located in Wanathawilluwa, Puttalam

  • Donation of 16 Tabs to students residing in Thanthirimale

    With the guidance of the Chief Prelate of the area, 16 well deserving children were chosen for our CSR project to receive tablets.

  • Donation of Prosthetic Limb

    Oxford College of Business, together with its Alumni, donated a special prosthetic limb to 18 year old C.T.K.Dilshani Kavindya, who had her leg amputated due to cancer.

  • Donation of school bags, school books and drinking water facility

    Oxford College of Business also donated a drinking water facility to the school which was one of the schools biggest requirements.

  • Donation of an IT Laboratory to Induruwa Maha Vidyalaya

    OCB Alumni together with the management of Oxford College of Business donated an IT Laboratory

  • OCB Gives Back

    Oxford College of Business together with its Alumni carried out its CSR initiative by visiting the Maara Godapitiya K.V in Akuressa.

  • Out of Darkness

    We aim to identify under privileged children in extreme rural areas a chance to change their future through education.

  • Oxygen

    The OCB Alumni donated an oxygen cylinder and connector to 7 year old Achintha Dilum who is an oxygen dependent child with terminal lung disease...

  • ART TV HIV Awareness Campaign Oxford College of Business

    Awareness campaign about HIV AIDS, a CSR initiative jointly carried out by the OCB Alumni together with ART TV and Ministry of Health

  • Salvation army boys home in rajagiriya

    "For the Next Generation" is the phrase to describe Oxford College of Business and its Alumni's CSR direction.

  • 31 days

    After the global recession at the end of the last decade, some, rightly or wrongly, placed blame at the doors of some of the world’s best business schools for failing to ingrain the importance of CSR values on their alumni.