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Oxford College of Business is changing the way business is done. Our faculty, students, and alumni generate big ideas, back them up with incisive analysis, and turn them into ingenious solutions that work. We educate, inform, and inspire the leaders who are meeting the world’s complex challenges, advancing business practice, and driving economic growth at a global scale.

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We offer a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional qualifications in partnership with some of the world's best educational providers, supported by our commitment in providing a learning experience of the highest quality.


Oxford College of Business is committed to working with alumni, donors, government, industry and the wider community to make the transformative effect of a university education accessible to more people and link ground-breaking research with real-life applications.

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Learn about how we work with communities and local groups through a range of outreach, cultural and sporting programs, and how to get involved.

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Supporting Oxford College of Business means that we can continue to provide world-class tertiary education and facilities to our future leaders.


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At Oxford College of Business, our exceptional programs offer leaders and organizations a transformative platform to evolve and transcend the daily grind of operations. Step into a world where visionary thinking and future-focused strategies take centre stage. Led by our esteemed faculty, renowned for their cutting-edge research, our programs not only equip you with invaluable knowledge but also foster a sense of belonging within a vibrant community. Forge enduring networks and unlock a world of boundless possibilities. Elevate your leadership journey with Oxford College of Business.


The results of the 2023 OCB Graduate Insights Survey demonstrate the outstanding achievements of our former students and is a testament to their professional growth.

Insight Report 2023

Graduates from around the world


Salary Increase


Career progression


Said that the MBA increased their confidence


of 2023 graduates have already received a salary increase


have already been promoted


launched or acquired businesses since starting their masters qualification


would recommend Oxford College of Business to a friend or colleague


Catalyzing Change, Shaping the Future

Dr. Simon Evans guides us on a transformative journey of impactful research at Oxford College of Business. Together, let's create a brighter and better tomorrow for all.

Our research endeavours adopt a holistic approach by bringing together scholars from diverse fields.


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Unlock the secrets to finding unadvertised job opportunities! Learn how networking and online platforms can open doors to positions not publicly listed...


Unlock the secrets to finding unadvertised job opportunities! Learn how networking and online platforms can open doors to positions not publicly listed. Customize your job search by targeting...



At Oxford College of Business, do what you love and become who you wish to be. Located in the heart of one of South Asia's most liveable cities.

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EXCELLENT | 4.9 out of 5
Based on 173 reviews
osman ameer
osman ameer
I am doing my Final Dissertation (Final Research) of my MBA awarded by University of Bedfordshire, so far Oxford College of Business has done a fantastic job. The efforts the managements & the lectures put to make sure students get through all units is enormous. Not only made students to pass but as well as to obtain good Grades. I would like to mention few names herewith who has helped me to come over so far. Special Credit to Dr. Danushka Kulathilaka, is efforts to do fruitful sessions of assignment briefing is tremendous. He has always been a big pillar for my success thus far. Also I would like to thank other lecturers who too has put so much of effort, Mr. Prasanna Perera, Dr. Sajitha Dishanka hats off for them too. I would recommend this MBA program to anyone who ever willing to build there academic path & career. Its not about three letter "MBA", Its more than that. Osman Ameer CSA - Passenger Services Qatar Airways
Abdul Razack Mohamed Rifaath
Abdul Razack Mohamed Rifaath
Currently, I am pursuing my MBA at the Oxford College of Business Studies (OCB). The standard of the lectures is outstanding, and the lecturers are committed to aiding students in their success. The curriculum is well organized, and I have gained a thorough understanding of the modules. Dr. Dhanushka is excellent, and his sessions are exceptional. They prove invaluable in helping students comprehend the assignments and successfully complete them. I am deeply thankful to Dr. Dhanushka, as well as the staff and management of Oxford College of Business, for effectively conducting the MBA program. I wholeheartedly recommend this MBA program at Oxford College of Business to everyone. The program's structure is excellent, highly practical, and geared towards the future.
Lesly David
Lesly David
At Oxford College of Business, where I am presently pursuing an MBA in Marketing, I have had an amazing educational experience. The lectures are all very helpful, and the teaching methodology used is very effective. Furthermore, the instructors go above and beyond by closely assisting on our assignments. Dr. Danushka deserves special recognition for the extra effort in providing insightful assistance on the assignment, which helped me achieve excellent grades. I firmly support this organization and would like to express my appreciation to each and every lecturer, especially Dr. Danushka for his invaluable assistance.
Dananjaya Polwattage
Dananjaya Polwattage
As a student at the Oxford College of Business, I can confidently say that the lectures here are unparalleled. The faculty is not only knowledgeable but also dedicated to ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Dr. Dhanushka's support sessions were invaluable, providing a deeper understanding of the subject matter and fostering a truly engaging learning environment. His expertise and approachability made a significant impact on my academic journey. I am grateful for the enriching education and support I am receiving during my time at the college.
Shehan Perera
Shehan Perera
From the time of signing up for the MBA with Oxford College of Business the Tutorial staff has been amazing while delivering the content precisely and effectively and the assistance provided beyond our expectations to achieve necessary outcomes from each module. Noteworthy to say Dr. Dhanushka Kulathilaka with his overview over the academics progression has been providing an immense and incomprehensible support and advise throughout the MBA unit. I am sincerely thankful to Dr. Dhanushka Kulathilaka for his superior directives and coordination and going above and beyond our expectations to successfully complete each module despite his extremely busy schedule and personal committments. I indeed recommend OCB Srilanka for anyone who would like to go ahead with Post Graduate studies. I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Dhanushka and the management for their committment.
shani weerasinghe
shani weerasinghe
Greatly appreciate Dr Dhanushka's voluntary assignment support sessions. We are ever so grateful for your support in helping students succeed.
Thilaani Tharshan
Thilaani Tharshan
I am currently following the MBA general course in Oxford college of business . I would like to say I am extremely satisfied with the staff and lecturers and am impressed on how they go the extra mile to ensure we do well in all our assignments. They are quick to help us at anytime and the lecturers do not limit to only teaching their own students , but welcome all the course students to ask for help at any given time ; taking time from their personal schedules to prioritize us at all times. As a working professional and that too from a non commerce stream this has been of great importance. I would like to make a special mention of Dr. Dhanushka who even though is not our lecturer , who always attempts to help us with materials required for our assignment submissions to the best of his abilities in addition to the extensive resources being provided by our lecturers. This has made it an enjoyable learning experience to all of my peers.