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Our Sustainability Strategy outlines our commitment to a sustainable future and its ambition to lead and deliver positive and sustainable change for good.
As a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2016, the Sustainability Strategy responds across our research, teaching, community outreach, and campus operations, recognising the interdependence, complexity and criticality of climate, ecosystems, biodiversity, and human societies for future global prosperity.
The strategy’s goals and targets support our students with sustainable career paths, and provide communities and partners with researched solutions to transition to the green economy, solve sustainability challenges and build climate adaptation and resilience.

Message from Head of Sustainability

Ultimately, the responsibility of the leadership at Oxford College of Business is to create a better, more sustainable future for society and for our many current and future students, placing their success at the heart of what we do.
We envisage Oxford College of Business is becoming a Higher Education Provider of Choice for sustainability education and breakthrough research translated for environmental benefit whilst also leading campus sustainability transitions that inspire our students and staff.
Our Strategy has been guided by advice and feedback from staff, students, the Sustainability Strategy Steering Committee, and our broader community. It will serve as a signal to our campus community and to wider society that we wish to partner and turn our ambitions into reality. During the next 12 months there are key strategic actions to move forward on, not least the pathway to net zero emissions and a continued focus on our #2024 Plastic Pledge.
Collaboratively, I am confident we have the drive, will and support to make it happen. Whilst this report is only a snapshot, we loudly applaud the significant efforts of many staff and students who strive sustainability initiatives should replenish and restore what the planet has lost. Offsetting is no longer enough; we must “heal” environmental, economic and social wounds and see humans and the rest of life as one autopoietic system.
The aim is to manifest thriving and flourishing living systems. Our goal is to use resources to improve society’s well-being in a way that builds the capacity of the support systems needed for future growth. While our sustainability actions will not only be about developing technological or political solutions, but also about examining and understanding the values, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc. that drive humans’ sometimes unsustainable behaviour. tirelessly to test the art of the possible. Once again, we thank them all for their tremendous hard work and focus on making sustainability second nature at Oxford College of Business.

Tracey McPeak

Head of Sustainability