Oxford College of Business recognized as on the 10 Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka

Oxford College of Business recognized as on the 10 Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka


Great Place to Work together with Daily FT and Women in Management have honouredOxford College of Business as one of the 2019 Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka. To compile the Best Workplaces for Women, Great Place to Work® analysed anonymous survey feedback from over 30 organisations across the country. These organisations were assessed to understand how they enable and empower women in their workforce to experience successful careers. The assessment involved studying the employee experience of these organisations and the people practices they have, that help them deliver the desired experience to their women employees. There was a rigorous validation process based on which 24 organisations qualified for this study, and the Top 10 organisations in the country were recognised as the “Best Workplaces for Women in Sri Lanka” for this year.

Women have an equal seat at every tablewhere critical decisions are made

“I Give all Honour, Glory and Praise to my Lord, God and Saviour Christ Jesus alone for the blessing bestowed upon Oxford College of Business.Being recognized as a Best Workplace for Women validates what we’re doing to support all of our employees, especially our women, to become the best versions of themselves,” said Malindu Ranasinghe, Director/CEO of Oxford Collee. “I sleep easy at night knowing we have such talented women rising through the ranks and leading this company. Oxford College of Business is one of the best higher education providers in Sri Lanka because women have an equal seat at every table where critical decisions are made, we know that creating a great workplace where everyone can succeed regardless of gender is not just the right thing to do, but a must-do if we want to be the very best of everything in the marketplace.”

We’re on a mission to change the way women are seen and heard in leadership positions. We want to give female leaders more of a voice at both Oxford College of Business and beyond while pledging to continue to grow our own percentage of female representation at the leadership and executive level. That’s why we take a hard look at our diversity data each year, and publish it externally to hold ourselves accountable to advancing and supporting leaders from minority groups. We’re proud to be part of the few organizations in the country with three or more women on our board, and to have 48% of our senior-leaders identify as female.

A structured grievance redressal practice

At Oxford College of Business we have made it a point to implement a well-structured grievance redressal practice. It recognises that all grievances are important and gives priority and fair hearing to those affected. The first line supervisors are trained in recognising and handling a grievance properly and promptly by using the following techniques; recognising, accepting, problem diagnosis, collecting facts and proof, analysing the facts and figures, arriving at alternative courses of action and implementing decisions. The decision is then reviewed to know whether the grievance has been satisfactorily resolved or not. Furthermore, an unbiased external female consultant accepted by all employees acts as ombudsman to redress female employee grievances.

We’re incredibly humbled that Oxford College of Business have been recognized us as a Best Workplace for Women. But, we know there’s a lot of work left to be done to give women equal representation in the corporate world. And we’re going to continue innovating on ways we can do just that.

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Great Place to Work is a global authority on building, sustaining and recognising high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures. Over the past 30 years, Great Place to Work has helped companies of different sizes produce better business results by focusing on the employee experience at work. Research shows there’s a clear and direct relationship between employee engagement and financial performance. Every year, more than 10,000 organisations from over 60 countries, across more than 20 industries partner with Great Place to Work Institute for assessment, benchmarking and planning actions to strengthen their workplace cultures. The Best Workplaces study in Sri Lanka is based on the global model and a rigorous methodology, which has been researched, tested and carried out in similar studies worldwide – including in the Americas, Europe and Australia.