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12-month AIB MBA at Oxford Collage ranked 10th in the world

MBA rankings testify to the brand value of a business school, and international institutions leave no stone unturned to figure on top of the list. Love them or hate them, business school rankings are important.

Based upon data readily available in the public domain from various benchmarking sources, the International Graduate Forum (IGF) has developed a Global MBA Table of leading business schools for 2012.

2012 MBA rankings by CEO magazine (UK)

The CEO Magazine (UK) recently published the IGF’s 2012 MBA rankings the UK-based business magazine attracted a great deal of interest. More so perhaps because it featured the rank of the most popular MBA program in Sri Lanka; the 12 month MBA offered by Australian Institute of Business at Oxford College of Business.

The CEO Magazines ranking of MBA programs is mainly based upon: male to female ratio, range of programs, fees, accreditation, study abroad options, international diversity, class size, faculty with business background, faculty with Phd’s, teacher to student ratio, average experience in a cohort

The business schools which feature on these tables for 2012 were schools which, on a regular basis, score very high in numerous ranking tables. Indeed, CEO Magazine has identified many of these schools over the years as being some of the very best, and with good reason.

Typically, they boast high quality faculty, their reputation, over the years, has opened many a door for graduates and their track-record speaks for itself.

However, as corporate funding declines return on investment and recovery of opportunity cost become increasingly important considerations. This, coupled with the need for greater flexibility, ready access to faculty, smaller class sizes, career services, and faculty with real-world business experience, has led many MBA applicants, and the IGF, to look beyond the ‘instantly recognisable’ global providers.

With this in mind, the IGF set about identifying business schools capable of meeting the expectations of hungry applicants, the results were impressive.

Schools which were selected for inclusion into the European, North American, and Australian MBA ranking tables not only demonstrated the qualities today’s MBA applicants look for, they were, and are, capable of challenging the established, globally recognised MBA providers.

In keeping with the IGF’s commitment to greater transparency, and in line with the changes that have been made to the IGF’s ranking process this year, schools listed globally and in Australia have been ranked numerically, the rankings for Europe and North American region was also carried out. (http://www.aib.edu.au/email/13-01-14/ceo-magazine-MBA-rankings.pdf).

AIB12-month MBA ranked among the very best in Australia and globally

One of the biggest highlights of the rankings this year (2012) was the ranking of MBA program offered by the Australian Institute of Business (AIB).

More popularly known as the ’12-month MBA’ in Sri Lanka, the 12-month AIB MBA was ranked third in Australia and 10th in the world according to the IGF published by the CEO Magazine (UK).

Oxford College of Business (OCB), which is the local teaching centre in Sri Lanka which has been delivering AIB’s 12-month MBA program since 2007, today is regarded as the first and oldest 12-month MBA provider in the country and arguably the best institute for post-graduate education.

OCB Chairman Deshmanya Dr. Ranasinghe commenting on the rankings of the 12-month AIB MBA states, “We are very proud to be associated with promoting one of the best MBA programs in the world.

“The quality standards maintained by AIB are so high it is not a surprise to see the AIB’s 12-month MBA program rated among the very best within Australia and globally.”

AIB Marketing Director Joel Abraham states, “AIB’s MBA ranking both within Australia and globally has confirmed the institutions’ status as one of the leading business schools in the world.”

Gaining a global business perspective and a wealth of new friends and contacts are certainly outstanding aspects of participating in AIB’s 12-month MBA program at OCB, is perhaps one of the most unexpected and yet deeply life-impacting benefits, the new found sense of self-confidence and accomplishment graduates feel.

As OCB Managing Director Dharangama shares, “Students and often tell us how AIB’s 12-month MBA program changes not only their approach to business, but to life.

“AIB’s 12-month MBA fosters an environment which cultivates deep questioning, sharp focus and intense exploration our graduates gain the confidence to face the toughest business challenges, an extensive network of friends to draw upon when needed and a new perspective on the business world. This is the main reason why AIB’s 12-month MBA leads the pack!”

For more information contact Malindu Ranasinghe on 0714 151 547 or visit www.ocbsrilanka.com.

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