Oxford College of Business Triumphs at CPM Best Management Practices Company Awards 2024 - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka

Oxford College of Business Triumphs at CPM Best Management Practices Company Awards 2024

Oxford College of Business, Sri Lanka’s pioneer higher education provider in Sri Lanka, has been bestowed with the esteemed CPM Best Management Practices Company Awards 2024. This recognition underscores the institution’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the educational sector.

The Institute of Chartered Professional Managers of Sri Lanka (CPM) recently announced Oxford College of Business as one of the top ten winners of the prestigious awards. Additionally, Oxford College of Business emerged as the winner in the Educational Institutes category, a testament to its outstanding management practices and remarkable resilience during challenging business environments.

Mr. Malindu Ranasinghe, Director/CEO at Oxford College of Business, expressed his gratitude for this significant achievement, stating, “We are truly honoured to receive the CPM Best Management Practices Company Awards 2024. This recognition reaffirms our dedication to fostering a culture of adaptability, innovation, and resilience within our institution and I give all glory to Christ alone for this outstanding achievement. Furthermore this award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team at Oxford College of Business. It reflects our collective commitment to excellence, adaptability, and continuous improvement. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of academic excellence and will continue to innovate and evolve to meet the evolving needs of our students and stakeholders.”

The award highlights Oxford College of Business’s adeptness in managing change and navigating through turbulent business landscapes while maintaining its commitment to delivering high-quality education. Despite facing various challenges, the Sri Lanka’s No.1 Business School has demonstrated remarkable resilience, ensuring continuity in its operations and fulfilling its mission To develop skilled business leaders for industry and business, by offering value-based quality education’ in the field of Business.

The prestigious accolade acknowledges Oxford College of Business’s efforts in implementing effective change management practices, which have enabled the institution to thrive and excel even in the face of adversity. By embracing innovation and agility, Oxford College of Business has not only weathered storms but has also emerged stronger and more resilient.

OCB’s recognition in the Educational Institutes category highlights its role as a leader in the higher education sector, setting benchmarks for best management practices and inspiring others to strive for excellence. The institution’s resilience and ability to adapt to change serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for educational institutions worldwide.

As Oxford College of Business celebrates this momentous achievement, it remains focused on its mission of providing transformative education and shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. The institution looks forward to continuing its journey of excellence and making a lasting impact on the education landscape.

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