Oxford College of Business becomes a GRI Community Member, Pioneering Sustainability in Sri Lanka - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka

Oxford College of Business becomes a GRI Community Member, Pioneering Sustainability in Sri Lanka

Oxford College of Business proudly announces its exclusive membership as a GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Community Member, solidifying its commitment to sustainability and corporate transparency. Remarkably, Oxford College of Business stands as the first and only organisation to represent Sri Lanka as a GRI Community Member.

The GRI Community stands as a bastion of sustainability, bringing together a diverse and inclusive group of leading organizations across 35 industries. With over 500 members globally, this esteemed community boasts a collective asset value exceeding €12 trillion, a workforce of over 5 million employees, and a presence in more than 70 countries.

Founded on the principles of corporate transparency and sustainable development, the GRI Community serves as a catalyst for best practices in sustainability reporting. As a member, Oxford College of Business joins forces with pioneers and leaders in the field, contributing to a global movement dedicated to propelling businesses, improving practices, and accelerating progress.

Oxford College of Business now stands shoulder to shoulder with renowned educational institutions such as INSEAD, University of Amsterdam Business School, Qatar University, Aventis Graduate School, and Anglia Ruskin University, collectively working as a community to lead and drive sustainability in the next 25 years.

This momentous achievement underscores Oxford College of Business’s commitment to fostering sustainability, not only within the institution but also as a beacon for Sri Lanka on the global stage. As a GRI Community member, Oxford College of Business gains a platform to optimize its sustainability reporting practices, showcase achievements, and actively contribute to the global development of corporate transparency.

Mr. Malindu Ranasinghe, Director/CEO of Oxford College of Business, expressed excitement about this new chapter, stating, “Our inclusion in the GRI Community aligns perfectly with our vision for sustainable education. We are eager to collaborate with global leaders and pioneers to drive sustainability and transparency in education, echoing the values of this esteemed community.”

This momentous step into the GRI Community positions Oxford College of Business at the forefront of global sustainability efforts. As the sole representative from Sri Lanka, the institution is poised to contribute significantly to the community’s goals, fostering a future where education, industry, and sustainability intersect for positive global impact.

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