Oxford College of Business achieves internationally recognised OHSAS certification - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka

Oxford College of Business achieves internationally recognised OHSAS certification

Oxford College of Business achieves internationally recognised OHSAS certification

Oxford College of Business continues to develop its management systems to reach even higher standards. Oxford College of Business, Sri Lanka’s premier higher education provider is pleased to announce that it has successfully implementation Occupational Health & Safety management system within its organization and it is now OHSAS 18001 certified.

Registration to OHSAS 18001 by an independent, third party certification body demonstrates Oxford College of Business’s commitment to implementing, maintaining and continually improving its Health and Safety Management Systems to a standard that benefits the company its employees and students.

Furthermore it also shows the extent to which Oxford College of Business prioritize staff welfare and improvements in customer/student satisfaction.

Potential and current students of Oxford College of Business can now be assured that Oxford College of Business are meeting the requirements of Health, Safety legislation, and that they are setting targets through company policy, together with ongoing measurements to ensure a process of continual improvement.

The compliance manager of Oxford College of Business says: “The business school has been certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quite a while now and it was only a matter of time before we committed to developing our other management systems to higher quality standards. In 2014 it was agreed that we should develop the Health and Safety management systems at Oxford College of Business and set a trend for all other Private Institutes and Universities to follow. Rather than contract external consultants to carry out the work the management of Oxford College of Business committed to doing this in-house, believing it would be of more value to the business. Following a gap analysis it was clear that although our existing policies were comprehensive, there was still work ahead of us, to bring them in line with higher quality standards.

By implementing OHSAS 18001 we are confident that Oxford College of Business is in a better position to discover and control the hazards and risks to the company, its employees and its students. The main objective was to make the business school located at No 100 Thurstan Road to have an environment conducive for learning and knowledge sharing.”

Sri Lanka’s only education provider to hold triple international certification

The Director/CEO of Oxford College says: “Having an environment conducive for learning is of paramount importance to achieve the optimum learning experience.

In the field of education, it is very important that we look at offering high quality education services, and being OSHAS 18001 certified takes us one step closer in offering all our students a high quality learning experience from the time they first step foot into the business school. Whilst we were the 1st education provider to hold the dual ISO certification (ISO 9001 and 14001), Oxford College of Business is now the only education provider in Sri Lanka to hold all three international certifications, which is truly a remarkable achievement to which I give all glory and honour to God alone, for this achievement. The OSHAS 18001 certification gives our students, facilitators and partner universities the assurance that work is consistently performed to the highest possible standards. Oxford College has been ISO 9001 certified since 2013 and received ISO 14001 in 2014. This year’s addition of the OSHAS 18001 standard gives me and my staff in particular pleasure and encouragement in continuing to offer education that meet world class standards right here in Sri Lanka.”
A distinctive educational experience

Over the past 13 years Oxford College of Business has earned a reputation for producing some of Sri Lanka’s most respected and sought after business leaders.

Established in 2003, Oxford College of Business has flourished to become a key player in Sri Lanka’s education sector, branching out to offer some of the nation’s most sought after business qualifications with strategic partnerships with some of the worlds most famous Universities, Business Schools and Professional Institutions. Oxford College of Business offers a wide variety of globally recognized business programs and offers the full suite of business programs ranging from professional courses, bachelor’s degrees, MSc and MBA programmes. Oxford College of Business has been the invisible strength behind scores of Sri Lanka’s higher education sector in Sri Lanka that have directly impacted the lives of thousands of Sri Lankans. “Student success is at the heart of our dynamic approach to graduate education. Looking at business decisions in a new way, spotting trends before they are recognized as the next big thing, seeing situations from a global perspective, asking the right questions, being an innovator are some of the skills we train our students to develop. Furthermore the esteemed faculty members at Oxford College of Business are the epitome of thought leaders – using their extraordinary local and global business expertise to share insight, theory and solutions with the business community are the main reasons that Oxford College of Business has produced such academic excellence over the past years,” says the Head of Academic at Oxford College of Business.