Empowering Neonatal Healthcare in Sri Lanka - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka

Empowering Neonatal Healthcare in Sri Lanka

In a display of our commitment to social responsibility, Oxford College of Business proudly supported a recent initiative in collaboration with Dr. L.P.C. Saman Kumara, President of the Ceylon Association of Neonatologists. The urgent needs of Castle Street Hospital for Women were acknowledged, and essential lifesaving items were generously donated. These critical supplies, which included Polyurethane umbilical catheters and Neo-Help kits of various sizes, were provided to bolster the hospital's lifesaving efforts for newborns in need.

Special recognition is extended to World Vision Lanka for their pivotal role in coordinating this impactful project. Their unwavering dedication ensured the seamless delivery of these crucial supplies to those most in need.

Furthermore, this effort strongly aligned with UNSDG3, underscoring the shared commitment to promoting good health and well-being for all. Oxford College of Business remains steadfast in our mission to contribute to a healthier and brighter future for all, embodying the principles of responsible corporate citizenship.