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Oxford College of Business in Sri Lanka and PSB Academy Forge Ground-breaking Partnership

[Sri Lanka, 01 May 2024] – Oxford College of Business in Sri Lanka proudly announces its pioneering partnership with PSB Academy, one of Asia’s leading private education institutions in Singapore. This historic collaboration marks the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, bringing together two esteemed institutions to enhance educational opportunities in the region.

The partnership between Oxford College of Business and PSB Academy (PSBA) will introduce a range of PSBA programmes at Oxford College of Business, including one certificate and four diplomas in disciplines such as Business and InfoComm Technology. These programmes were handpicked to meet the growing demands of Sir Lanka’s dynamic workforce. Informed by rigorous research conducted by esteemed faculty of PSBA and industry experts, the programmes are designed to address the specific needs of the local job market.

Graduates of these programmes will have the unique opportunity to progress to Bachelor programmes offered by PSB Academy’s esteemed university partners in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia and New Zealand (AnZ). Moreover, students will also have the opportunity to experience a holistic transnational education, with the chance to study at both PSB Academy’s vibrant city campus in Singapore and the campuses of their partner universities in the UK or AnZ.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing exceptional education opportunities to empower students with transformative learning experiences, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape. It is a reflection of our shared dedication to fostering innovation, excellence, and success in education and we look forward to the endless possibilities that lie ahead as we shape the future of learning, together, said Malindu Ranasinghe, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Oxford College of Business.

The first intake for these programmes is scheduled for May 2024, with registrations already opened in April 2024. This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in the realm of higher education in Sri Lanka, providing students with unparalleled opportunities for academic growth and career advancements.

Commenting on yet another of PSB Academy’s partnership with an educational institution beyond the borders of Singapore, Chief Executive Officer of PSB Academy, Derrick Chang, said, “This partnership represents a shared vision to revolutionise global education and create new pathways for students in Sri Lanka,” he remarked.

“By combining our expertise and resources, we aim to provide students with a comprehensive and enriching learning experience that prepares them for success in the global arena,” Derrick said.

In celebration of this momentous milestone, Oxford College of Business have launched a special initiative to sponsor deserving students, further exemplifying their commitment to fostering talent and promoting excellence in education.

For more information on the programmes and registration details, please visit [www.ocbsrilanka.edu.lk].

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About Oxford College of Business:

Established in 2003, Oxford College of Business stands as one of Sri Lanka’s oldest higher education institutions, revered for its longstanding commitment to academic excellence. Nestled in Colombo, a vibrant hub in South Asia, our institution is poised to expand its global reach through enhanced remote and online offerings. Boasting a dedicated team of over 67 staff members and a diverse student body of approximately 2,783 individuals, we pride ourselves on cultivating talent and fostering innovation.

Offering a diverse array of Business courses in partnership with renowned international Universities and Institutes, our curriculum is informed by rigorous research conducted by our esteemed faculty in collaboration with policymakers, industry experts, and local communities. At Oxford College of Business, we strive to nurture highly motivated, well-rounded individuals who are equipped to lead and drive positive change in society.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence extends beyond academics to encompass sports, volunteering, and community engagement. As active contributors to our local ecosystem, we prioritize environmental sustainability and social responsibility, striving to be exemplary neighbours and employers.

Through a holistic approach to education encompassing teaching, learning, research, and enterprise, we empower our students and staff to effect meaningful change and deliver lasting economic and social benefits to society. As the fastest-growing private higher education provider in Sri Lanka, we remain steadfast in our commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

About PSB Academy:

As one of Singapore’s leading private education institutions with 60-years heritage of producing more than 200,000 learners, PSB Academy is committed to defining our identity as “Asia’s Future Academy”. Established in 1964, we started under Singapore’s Economic Development Board and later Productivity and Standards Board to upgrade the knowledge and skills of Singapore’s workforce. With an approach to education that focuses on what really matters: performance in the New Economy, PSB Academy provides quality education to shape and nurture future-ready graduates with the necessary skills and tools to stay relevant in a digitally-driven economy.

Our newly launched STEM Wing – an expansion of our City Campus, is an innovation hot house equipped with high-tech and industry approved labs and facilities, aimed to bolster STEM education for students. Our learning spaces in the heart of the city connect students globally through a collaborative learning and networking environment that enables them to be agile innovators and contributors to society.

With a strong network of industry partners to prepare our students for the workforce, PSB Academy today hosts over 17,000 students each year from more than 50 nationalities with its slate of certificate, diploma, degree, and short courses.