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OCB won the Achiever Industrial Excellence Award 2014

Oxford College of Business becomes the only educational provider to win the Achiever Industrial Excellence Award 2014

Oxford College of Business becomes the only educational provider to win the Achiever Industrial Excellence Award 2014

Oxford College of Business (OCB) created yet another milestone by being conferred the Bronze Award at the National Level among all small businesses (Service Sector) for 2014. The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI), held its annual award ceremony for Industrial Excellence on the 4th of September 2014 at the Cinnamon Grand Oak Room. The award ceremony was held to recognize businesses that performed exceptionally at the national and provincial level. The award ceremony also recognized and hailed businesses that have uplifted stakeholders and their businesses on the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental facets, while developing the nation in the macro concept via socio-economic platforms. Mr. Lalith Weerathunga, Secretary to His Excellency the President, Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa was the Chief Guest at this year’s award ceremony which felicitated companies which performed exceptionally at the micro, small, medium, large and extra large categories.

Setting the benchmark in offering quality education in Sri Lanka

What is interesting to note is that Oxford College of Business was the only educational provider in the country that received any recognition at this year’s awards ceremony, Oxford College of Business has undoubtedly etched an indelible mark in the Education sector of Sri Lanka, retaining its vision of being “South Asia’s largest undergraduate and post graduate Business School providing quality education using the most up to date business techniques and theories.” Pioneering quality education and adopting unique methodologies of teaching is one of the unique features behind the success of Oxford College of Business. Furthermore Oxford College of Business today sets the benchmark in standards and quality excellence in the education industry. This is yet another reason for the company consistently winning a variety of awards over the past few years.
“While I give all glory and honor to God alone for what Oxford College of Business has achieved recently, it is also important to place on record that education is one of the most valued services that anyone can be involved in, and we take great pride and pleasure in imparting knowledge and soft-skills to all our students at the undergraduate and post graduate level who in return play an active role in transforming Sri Lanka whilst contributing positively towards economic growth in the country.” explained Malindu Ranasinghe who is the Director/CEO of Oxford College of Business. “Being awarded the Bronze award allows us to cascade what we have done even more into the future.”
“We’ve always espoused the highest standards prevalent in governance, ethics, accountability and environmental consciousness,” stated Malindu Ranasinghe, adding that that Oxford College of Business is the only educational provider in the country have dual certifications of ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001. Recently Oxford College of Business was also adjudged as one of the 15 Best Companies to work for by Great Place to Work Institute and Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and was also adjudge the 2nd runner up among all small business entities in 2013 at the National Business Excellence Awards organized by the National Chamber of Commerce,

OCB comprises of some of the best knowledge pools existent within the country

He opined pragmatically, giving kudos to his team, who he says comprises some of the best knowledge pools within the country.”Winning these awards and being recognized for imparting knowledge into the future of our country’s youth, is all due to this dynamic team, which we are extremely fortunate to be blessed with. What is synonymous with Oxford College of Business is that we are constantly looking towards improving our benchmarks and standards. To us, while we strive to maintain our status as the best in the industry, we also ensure that our service delivery is beyond the best. This makes us break boundaries, seek new horizons and fuel pioneering initiatives that obviously will benefit the Sri Lankan industry and our communities that remain highly integrated into the work we do. Excellence remains the foundation to our work.”
In business of creating Sri Lanka’s next generation of business leaders

Oxford College of Business has reinvented post-graduate, undergraduate and professional education in Sri Lanka. OCB’s mission is “To develop skilled business leaders for industry and business, by offering value-based quality education’ in the field of Business. Over the past 11 years Oxford College of Business has earned a reputation for producing some of the country’s most respected and sought after business leaders. Oxford College of Business is widely regarded as Sri Lanka’s Best Business School specializing in the field of business education. “Student success is at the heart of our dynamic approach to graduate education. Looking at business decisions in a new way, spotting trends before they are recognized as the next big thing, seeing situations from a global perspective, asking the right questions, being an innovator are some of the skills we train our students to develop. Furthermore the esteemed faculty members at Oxford College of Business are the epitome of thought leaders – using their extraordinary local and global business expertise to share insight, theory and solutions with the business community are the main reasons that Oxford College of Business has produced such academic excellence over the past years.”