OCB Alumni – Gulf Chapter Meetup - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka

OCB Alumni – Gulf Chapter Meetup 

Setting sail on a voyage of camaraderie and shared goals, the esteemed alumni of Oxford College of Business residing in Dubai embarked on a memorable dhow cruise in Dubai Marina on the 9th of December 2023. This landmark gathering brought together 24 participants representing diverse professional backgrounds, transcending the conventional boundaries of academia.

Beyond the enchanting backdrop, the meetup stood as a testament to the potency of connections forged through the MBA experience. It underscored that an MBA journey at Oxford College of Business is not merely about academic achievements but also about nurturing relationships that extend beyond the confines of the classroom. The participants, a vibrant and dedicated group, seized this occasion to network and build bonds that promise to endure well beyond their MBA journey.

The event was orchestrated by the dynamic duo, Ms. Tishnika Perera Gunatilleke and Malintha Ranamuka Dewage.

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