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Heriot Watt University “Britain’s best kept secret,”

Heriot-Watt University is the eighth oldest higher education institution in the UK and has a reputation for innovative education, enterprise and leading edge research in science, business, engineering and design.
Heriot-Watt graduates are very employable. Over 92% of Heriot-Watt graduates are in full-time employment or further study within 6 months of graduation, with approximately

75% of those going straight into graduate-level jobs. That’s because the University has first-class links to industry and an award-winning Careers Advisory Service that is focused on getting graduates into work.
National Student Survey 2013
n 9 out of 10 students are satisfied overall with their experience at Heriot-Watt University.
n 90% overall satisfaction rate places us 11th in the UK* and 2nd in Scotland
Times Higher Education – World’s Most International Universities
n HWU is placed 22nd in the world, based on the ‘international outlook’ indicator from the World University Rankings.
Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2014

n Top 10 in the UK for Chemical Engineering, Building Town & Country Planning & Landscape, Food Science and Mathematics.
Sunday Times University Guide 2013
n Scottish University of the Year 2012/13, (and 2011/2012)
n UK University of the Year for Student Experience
n Number 9 in the UK overall
Guardian University Guide 2014
n Ranked 18th in the UK and 2nd in Scotland
THE ‘100 Under 50’ (years of age) World University Ranking 2013
n 63rd in the world, 10th in the UK and 2nd in Scotland
Complete University Guide 2013

n 40th in the UK and 4th in Scotland
QS World’s Top Universities
n We rank 369th in the world, 42nd in UK and 7th in Scotland
n This places us in the top 4%, based on approximation of at least 10,000 universities in the world
Students joining Oxford College of Business are privileged to obtain a Bachelors from one of the most prestigious Universities in the world, in just 1 year. According to the

National Student Survey (NSS) which is Britain most recognized rating system. Heriot Watt University established in 1821 is regarded as “Britain’s best kept secret,” the

university has always come within the top 25% of universities in the UK and listed among the top 4% of universities in the world. This is great news for students who choose

to study at the Heriot-Watt University at Oxford College of Business.
The reputation
Heriot Watt University is one of the UK’s leading universities for business and industry with a reputation for innovative education, enterprise and leading edge, applied research.
n A leading research institution
n Extensive business and industry collaboration
n Providing solutions and sharing expertise
n Scotland’s most international university
n Developing leadership and delivering a distinctive education.
A leading research
Heriot-Watt is recognised internationally as a centre for high calibre research in science, engineering and business. We’ve been rated as a leading research institution by the

RAE, the national review body, and are now in the top 35 universities in the UK for our research.
The university continues to attract significant research funding year on year and nearly 90% of our academic staff are involved in research activity. In addition, Heriot Watt

University plays a leading role in research pooling which has enableding the university to create and participate in a range of internationally pre-eminent centres. The Univerisities Research Park was the first of its kind in Europe, providing direct access to our expertise for a range of companies based there.
Extensive business and industry collaboration

Collaborations with business and industry is at the heart of Heriot-Watt.

HWU has established a number of partnerships across a range of sectors including strategic alliances with key companies such as Cairn Energy and Renishaw plc. Research collaborations exist with over 25 countries around the world.
The Univerisyt has also developed centres of expertise to support business development, including the George Davis Centre for Retail Excellence which is at the forefront of British retail teaching, development and research, the Scottish Manufacturing Institute and the International Centre for Brewing & Distilling.
Heriot-Watt Working with Industry is a £6.5million project to transfer knowledge and expertise to Scottish businesses to benefit the wider economy. It provides a network of academic expertise, promoting business interactions and income generating partnerships and facilitates cross-disciplinary collaborations.
Providing solutions and sharing expertise
Heriot-Watt’s heritage is rooted in providing solutions, both to the challenges of the day and in delivering relevant education to students.
Heriot Watt is world renowned in areas as varied as petroleum engineering, actuarial and financial mathematics, photonics, translating and interpreting, logistics and

business education. The universities focus is on responding to changing needs and contributing to the key issues facing modern society.
Sharing expertise is a defining characteristic of Heriot-Watt as a result the university participates significantly in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership UK which helps

businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity. HWU engage in a wide range of knowledge exchange activity and the universities teaching and learning is

informed by cutting edge research.
Developing leadership and delivering a distinctive
Heriot-Watt’s distinctive brand of learning and teaching nurtures leadership. The universities main aim is to develop the leaders of tomorrow, equipping our graduates with the skills to achieve their ambitions and perform at a high level.
The degrees awarded by HWU are career focused and relevant to the needs of business and industry, which is why employers actively seek out Heriot Watt graduates. The

university has ensured transferable skills are embedded in its degrees and offer integrated work experience and placements to enhance students’ learning.
The same high calibre staff are responsible for both education and research, and as a result the teaching is informed by the latest research and uses research methods as a style of learning.
Oxford College of
Business- Exclusive Approved Learning Partner in Sri Lanka
Oxford College of Business the exclusive Approved Learning Partner for Heriot Watt University in Sri Lanka now offers a wide range of post-graduate and undergraduate

programmes for students to select from. Among the programmes offered one programme which is in very high demand is the Msc in Business Psychology which gives

senior managers of companies to obtain one of the best Masters programs in UK at a fraction of the cost right here in Sri Lanka.
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