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Teaching and learning

Ensuring the sustainability of our planet is the biggest challenge facing humanity in the 21st Century. Sustainability cuts across all subject areas, and requires a truly interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.


We host three key teaching initiatives:


Living lab

  • These are applied project opportunitiesset by key organisations that are available to students and staff. They are free to use and can form the basis of any piece of credit or non-credit bearing work. Guidance is available on how to access these projects.

Sustainability seminar series

  • The sustainability seminar seriesis our flagship forum for engaging academics, students, and staff with key sustainability issues and challenges inside and outside Oxford College of Business.


Embedding sustainability in the curriculum

  • We have created guidance to help you to embed sustainability considerations in your course or programme.
  • The MSc Sustainable Management which is our flagship program in sustainability, focuses on reducing environmental impact not only to allow companies to comply with increased regulations to reduce footprints but also to reduce their costs, to improve the quality of their products/services and to enhance the reputation of their brands.
  • UNESCOhave created a guide for embedding the Sustainable Development Goals into teaching which is implemented throughout all our program offering.