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Research institutes, centres and beacons


Our research combine disciplines and capabilities to address major environmental and societal challenges. Through these we find innovative solutions for cleaner energy and more sustainable use of resources, enabling life across the globe to thrive.


We contribute research through the Business Management Research Institute (BMRI), Institute of Applied Social Research (IASR) and Institute for Research in Education (iREd) at the University of Bedfordshire. Our research beacons are exemplars of how these interdisciplinary collaborations, cross-sector partnerships and pioneering discoveries benefit the environment, the economy, health, wellbeing and culture on a local, national and international scale.


Sustainability and your research


The way you undertake your research can have a significant environmental impact. As an academic at Oxford College of Business you are in a unique position to carry out your research in the most sustainable ways. We have created a guide on how to undertake research more sustainably at Oxford College of Business.


Enhance the impact of your sustainability research


You can enhance the impact of your research by applying it within our own Campus or across Greater Colombo. Attending one of our sustainability seminars to see what research is being carried out is a good place to start. Oxford College of Business has an Academic Lead for Environmental Sustainability who can support you in the process of enhancing your impact.

Email for further guidance.

Expand your existing research to include sustainability

Even if sustainability is not at the core of your research, or even if you have never thought about it or you are somewhere in between, there may be a way to expand your existing research to include sustainability. In some areas of research carried out Oxford College of Business have been able to obtain grants to encourage sustainability research.

Promote and champion sustainability related research at Oxford College of Business

Communicating the outcomes of research that is related to sustainability is something that can inspire others. Working with the Faculty Marketing and Communication teams and the Environmental Sustainability Team we can advise on how you can do this.

You can also promote your research at one of our sustainability seminars that take place throughout the year.