Carbon - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka


Managing our carbon emissions.


Our carbon target is based on our commitment to playing our part in delivering the City of Colombo science-based carbon budget and associated zero carbon date of 2050.

While the headline figure of zero carbon by 2050 is often used as shorthand, for our target to be ‘science-based’ it must be used in conjunction with the total carbon budget. Therefore, it is about the absolute amount of carbon we emit on our path to zero, not just the date we hit zero.

We believe that all organisations and residents in Colombo need to be part of a collective effort to meet our targets and commits to contribute by:

  • Acting now, including accelerating our existing decarbonisation activities, wherever possible.
  • Taking responsibility for the CO2emissions from our business activities and working to reduce them to zero by 2030.
  • Supporting and influencing others to take action.
  • Defining the support we need and proactively asking for it, including asking politicians for policy changes wherever relevant.

Work to progress Oxford College of Business towards our zero carbon target is currently underway, with the following principles agreed:-

  1. We will make urgent reductions in the first five years, with a target of being net zero by 2025.
  2. All members of Oxford College of Business will understand the problem of climate change in order to make better decisions in their working lives.
  3. The carbon impact of our activities is part of all strategic decision-making.

We are also signatories to Race to Zero which demonstrates our commitment to this target.

We are perfectly placed to support Sri Lanka in reducing carbon emissions, from the operations of our research, our teaching, our people and our estate.

We are at the forefront of the search for solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, including carbon reduction and climate change.


We are delighted to announce a significant step-change in our move towards sustainable forms of energy at Oxford College of Business. Working in partnership with our energy brokers we hope to switch to 100% renewable energy sources by 2025.