Oxford College of Business wins “Laureate Status” at Great Place to Work 2018 - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka

Oxford College of Business wins “Laureate Status” at Great Place to Work 2018

Oxford College of Business has received yet another accolade which lays claim to its fame among its employees. Oxford College of Business became the only educational provider in Sri Lanka to be among the Top 25 best organizations in the “Great Place to Work,” listing for the 5th consecutive year by Great Place to Work Institute in partnership with The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and LMD.
It further sustains its top rankings in the perception of its invaluable employees by being the 1st and only education provider which won the ‘Laureate Status’ at the awards ceremony which was held on the 11th of July at Hilton Colombo amid a large gathering of distinguished guests. The added recognition and Laureate status was granted to the Oxford College of Business for having repeatedly secured the award for best companies to work for since 2014. Retaining the top-notch position on a consistent basis in an effective manner, places Oxford College of Business in an unparalleled position in terms of great work places in Sri Lanka.

Building a high trust work place culture

Continuous recognition as a Great Place to Work has directed Oxford College of Business to build a high trust work place culture that engages employees for organisational success. Oxford College of Business believe in nurturing its employees and therefore aim to consistently provide its people with the tools they need to be successful and empower its people to make a positive difference to its customers whilst encouraging them to grow, develop themselves and contribute to society by providing a journey of continuous career enrichment.
Being a great place to work is not about perceptions, it also brings a host of business benefits including employee branding and employee retention. As a company which embraces their employees and places their ‘Success’ on its people, this recognition would be yet another valued endorsement towards the future endeavours to be achieved.
The Director/CEO of Oxford College of Business said: “I give all Glory and Honour to God alone for blessing Oxford College of Business with a world class team of highly skilled employees. We are incredibly proud to be listed as Great Place to Work in Sri Lanka. The fact we have won this award for a fifth-year running is testament to how much we care about our people, our culture and our sense of team. Oxford College of Business is a educational provider where everyone is valued and has their say in how the company is run and our ambitions for the future. This two-way desire to succeed is what drives our remarkably engaged workforce and enables our pedigree pack to deliver outstanding work for our students.”
“We strive to create a working environment where knowledge, skills, and talents come together on collaborative teams. Our employees work together, support each other, and have formed a community of respect. We share our triumphs and important life moments – the funny stories and the tragic ones. There’s always someone to listen, laugh, or help as the situation demands,” he continues.

Best in the Small Sized Enterprise Category

Oxford College of Business also received the Silver Award as Best in the Small Sized Enterprise Category this year. “The changes we see in workforce demographics brings about a new set of challenges in aligning people practices, whilst keeping this in mind it is incumbent on the HR department to be strategic in its approach, drive change as a business imperative, be the voice & champions of people. Also, great places to work are not built overnight, to become one you require people to trust the people they work for, build pride in what they do and appreciate the people they work with. This is a journey and in this you need to continuously learn and reinvent”.
“I’m very proud of our team for achieving this recognition annually for the past five years. Receiving this award in 2018 is especially exciting for us because Oxford College of Business celebrated our fifteenth anniversary this year,” says Malindu Ranasinghe, Director/CEO.