Research Integrity and Ethics - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka

Dedication to Rigorous Research Practices

At Oxford College of Business, our unwavering commitment is to foster responsible research endeavours. Our objective is to collaborate with researchers, providing support to facilitate, develop, and champion research excellence.

Research Integrity

The Research Integrity Team is dedicated to delivering comprehensive training and support for researchers. We prioritize working alongside researchers to ensure the seamless execution of their studies in strict adherence to pertinent legislation, codes, and guidelines. For further information on upholding research integrity at Oxford College of Business, please contact the Research Integrity Manager at +94114718711-12 or via email at


The Ethics Office is a pivotal resource, extending support, guidance, and training to researchers as they navigate the intricacies of developing their ethics applications before seeking approval from the relevant ethics committee. Additionally, the office oversees the management, support, and administration of ethics committees at Oxford College of Business.

Human Ethics

Oxford College of Business boasts three registered Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) along with various supporting committees. These entities are entrusted with safeguarding the mental and physical well-being, rights, dignity, and safety of human participants involved in research endeavours at all times.

Research complaints and concerns

You can raise complaints or concerns about:

  • the conduct of a OCB research investigator
  • an OCB research project or activity
  • the decisions of a Human Research Ethics Committee
  • research activities undertaken without appropriate ethics approval
  • research projects which are non-compliant with the relevant legislation, codes and guidelines.

Please refer any matters to the appropriate team below.

Research integrity

The Director Education & Administration

Human ethics

Human Ethics Manager