Please read our students and staff community guidance on Covid-19.

COVID-19- Preventive measures taken at Oxford College of Business

As a Business School committed to upholding the highest international standards, we have taken strict protective measures against COVID-19. Our dedicated team is working around the clock to continuously offer essential healthcare services during the coronavirus pandemic and protect you from COVID-19 infection within the campus premises. The following services and protocols have been included to encourage good hygiene and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus:

Hand washing stations

Hand washing stations with liquid soap and hand sanitiser bottles have been made available on every floor.

Frequently cleaning your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub is one of the best methods of staying safe from COVID-19 infection.

How to wash your hands thoroughly

To keep your hands really clean, you should wash with soap and water under hot water regularly. Make sure you wash between your fingers, under your fingernails, and on the backs of your palms too.


You should ideally wash your hands for about the same amount of time as it takes you to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to yourself twice.

Hand sanitiser

If you’re using hand sanitiser, make sure it has above 70% alcohol content to be effective, and keep washing your hands too. Hand sanitiser is a useful product for when you are out and about, but it does not replace washing your hands. You can see step by step instructions from the World Health Organization:

Cleaning and disinfection of public spaces and classrooms

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of public spaces and class rooms is undertaken every 3 hours 24/7 by our campus staff.

Continuous Screening

All staff at Oxford College of Business is continuously monitored and screened for COVID-19 symptoms to ensure early detection and successful mitigation of a potential outbreak. A streamlined process has been developed to screen students visiting our campuses to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Our screening team will follow strict safety protocols to identify individuals that may be carrying the virus and get them to the relevant health authority for testing/treatment.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Download





Oxford College of Business preventive measure for our staff

We have taken multiple steps to increase awareness among our staff, limit spread of possible infections and implemented contingency plans to look after our staff. These include:

• Enabled all our staff with laptops and high-speed internet dongles to work from home as required. This will enable the entire company to operate remotely should that contingency arise.

• Tested out work from home scenarios successfully to ensure business continuity.

• Bringing together vital stakeholders through the formation of the COVID-19 Task Force, with representation across functional units including the management, HR, IT, facilities etc., ensuring quick action is taken during this time of uncertainty.

• Regular communication on COVID-19 awareness and personal hygiene practices via emails and posters to all staff.

• Consulted with our company doctor and educated and encouraged staff to work from home if they are unwell (exhibiting flu symptoms) to prevent the risk of infection.

• All staff returning from overseas are to observe a two-week, work-from-home period upon their return. Additionally, staff planning on travelling overseas have been advised not to, and have to inform the company if they still intend on travelling.

• Called off all events and gathering to be held on the office premises, and advised our staff against attending any gatherings, conferences or workshops during this time.

Please note that:
All students and visitors entering Oxford College of Business will be subjected to the Main entrance gate protective entrance process detailed above. Individuals with flu symptoms will not be able to enter the campus premises for any service and will be directed to the relevant national healthcare authority.