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Sustainable Wellbeing

Hop on the Smoothie bike

How do you make a fruit smoothie even more healthy? Simple, forget the electric and use pedal power to make it!

The smoothie bike is a stationary bike that has a blender attached which is powered by the pedal-power of your event goers. Just choose your ingredients, put it in the blender, secure it and start pedalling; within no time you will have a delicious smoothie to enjoy.
The Smoothie bike is located at the lobby level of both our campuses. It’s healthy and a fun way to make pedal-powered delicious smoothies. And best of all, it's free.

Fill blender with fruit and juice
Hop on the bike and pedal for 15 seconds to power the blender
Your smoothie is ready. Drink up!
The Smoothie Bike is also used as an engaging tool to educate students on:

  • Healthy eating
  • The importance of fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Limiting intake of sugary drinks
  • Increasing physical activity

Charge your car

As part of its continued commitment to sustainability and energy savings, Oxford College of Business an electric vehicle (EV) charging station located on the ground floor of our Colombo 07 campus. The EV charging station can charge all types of European vehicles. The stations are completely reliable and easy to use. It’s as simple as plugging in your cell phone.

Is There a Fee to Charge?

Vehicle charging fee will be Rs.50 per kilowatt hour up to 4 consecutive hours. There is no charge for parking.
Rules for Charging

  • Vehicles must be switched off charging at the stations
  • Maximum parking/charging time is four hours

Cycle to campus

U-Cycle offers the convenience of cycling without the expense of owning your own bike. The scheme is designed for both staff and students. It lets you pick from a range of bikes. You can hire bikes on a short-term or long-term basis.

All the bikes are well maintained and fully serviced so you can travel across and between campuses with ease.

Rent a bike

What you need to know

The rental process is quick and easy. Simply visit Oxford College of Business, choose your bike size, pay and collect. You'll also need to check all your contact information is correct and decide how long you want to rent for.
When you collect your rental bike you'll need to bring your:

  • driving licence, passport, or equivalent form of photo ID
  • student ID (if applicable)
  • address, email and phone number
  • emergency contact number

You’ll need to leave a Rs.15,000 security deposit when you collect your rental bike. This will be fully refunded when you return your bike.
For more information on cost, liability and maintenance, call us on +94114718711/12.


JPlay the game, make sustainable changes and win prizes.


Make sustainable changes and win! Play Planet Gambit via the Goosechase App, and compete with your friends and colleagues for prizes and glory. Planet Gambit encourages staff and students to incorporate sustainability into their daily life on campus and at home, using the key principle that small changes can add up to make a real difference. The game has missions related to communication and awareness, recycling, food waste, energy and more. Participants earn points for each mission they complete and prizes are awarded for effort and ingenuity.