ACHIEVEMENTS - Oxford College of Business Sri Lanka


Carbon and Energy

Total carbon emissioon fell by 38% in 2021
Around 15% of electricity demand was met through renewable energy sources.

Recycling and waste

Paper usage was reduced by 45%
During the year our waste management resulted in 1,274 trees being saved.


10,000 trees were planted under the Rotary 1 Million trees project


We have adopted the following initiates to mitigate water consumption:

  • Reducing water withdrawal through recycling and educating students on the importance of water conservation
  • Sub-metering
  • Maintaining water flow rates
  • Optimising garden irrigation times to ensure minimal consumption
  • Reuse of treated grey water for gardening/flushing
  • Use of sensor taps to minimize water usage

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

40% of the Board of Directors at Oxford College of Business was represented by females.

40% of our workforce comprised of the female gender and also have provisions to accommodate GLB and differently abled individuals.

Sustainable Procurement

We finalized our strategic procurement review. As a result 100% of paper products purchased will be ISO14001 certified by 2025 and 100% recyclable by 2030.
We are commitment to:

  • International Standards for Human Rights and Environmental Sustainability
  • UN Global Compact
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • International Labour Organisations declarations on fundamental principals and rights at work.

Sustainable Construction and Refurbishment

Our new campus located in Colombo 05 are meeting the highest standards of sustainability. The building achieved preamp excellence and bespoke sustainable assessment matrix.


During the year we carried out a wide range of community projects directly impacted over 5000 individuals.

Teaching and Research

The MSc in Sustainable Management awarded by University of Bedfordshire saw over 98 students graduate during the year. The standout project this year saw a student lead a carbon literacy program.
We’re supporting gifted professionals to address the Sustainable Development Goals through our wide range of master’s programs- 7 full scholarships were awarded. These Scholarships were fully funded by Oxford College of Business.